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  1. Thanks for the clarification. I did add the device as instructed. But I don't recall reading anywhere about having to create a new Activity. So, I just did that. It took me about an hour but I think I finally have everything figured out. At first only a few of the buttons worked (and only when I was in Device mode on the remote), but I was able to reprogram them using the Harmony software so that they all now work when I'm in Activity mode.
  2. Good to see I'm not the only one who's confused. Yes, I followed the directions. Doesn't matter whether I plug the Flirc into my desktop or HTPC, it doesn't "react" to the Harmony at all. The Flirc software can see it (that's how it updated the firmware) but that's it. I can't reprogram buttons, or do anything at all with it, since it doesn't react to the Harmony. Does it matter that I'm running XBMCbuntu? You never answered my question about the setting for the Harmony. Do I need to have the Harmony set in a particular way? As I mentioned before, I added it as "Media Center PC 2" so that's what I had it set to when trying to control the Flirc, but it doesn't respond. Is XBMC supposed to detect it as an input device? Because mine does not.
  3. No, not so much. So essentially I just plug this into my XBMC machine and it should just work? Do I need to set my Harmony as a particular device? It doesn't seem to matter what I set it to, I can't get the Flirc to respond to anything at all.
  4. Thoroughly confused here. Using a Harmony One and having no luck getting this to work at all. I updated the Flirc using the beta software & firmware. Followed the directions here: update the Harmony remote. On my Harmony I now have a "Media Center PC 2" listed under devices; "Media Center PC 1" is the actual media center PC. I have the Flirc software fired up, the Flirc plugged into the computer, but I have no idea what to do next. I go to Controllers > XBMC and then click on the Up arrow to program it. I point the Harmony remote at the Flirc and press the Up arrow and... nothing. I have "Media Center PC 2" selected on the Harmony remote when I'm doing this, by the way. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to, but it sounded logical, and I can't find step-by-step directions anywhere on how to actually do this. What am I missing or doing wrong?
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