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  1. Plex use escape-key as back button. Is there a way to link the menu button on the remote to the windows-button, making it easier to navigate back to PLEX if you leave the program. TIPS to others with PLEX: There is a problem with the onscreen keybord and the solution is here:
  2. Hi How to best put the pieces together? I understad that its best to choose the "Flirc XBMC" device in the myHarmony (It may eventually come a "flirc PLEX" device but until then I suppose that XBMC is the way to go). I have a problem with the "back" button, it lets me go backwards in the meny but I cant get back to the menu when I started a film... Is there i a guide or some tips and trix anyone can offer me? I use PLEX for the desktop but I love to move to the win8 app becouse its a better UI, however it seams that the app its not with out its fair share of problems so I stick to the desktop for now... Thanks
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