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  1. I never respond when I see posts about Harmony profiles because I don't have one, but I guess I don't see what's stopping you from mapping any unmapped button on your Harmony to the ESC key using the full keyboard view in the Flirc GUI, or the flirc utility's record function from a command line.  Does the Harmony not send IR codes on undefined buttons or something?

    I would like to map the Guide button on my Harmony 550 (which I don't use for anything in XBMC) to ESC, which would bring me back to the Home screen.


    You have to define the buttons in the Harmony software to do "something" otherwise no code is sent. When I try to set the Guide button in the Harmony software to one of the available Flirc buttons I don't use (Red/Green/Blue) and then map that in the Flirc software, it always says Button Exists. This happens if I use the XBMC controller or the full keyboard. If ESC was a choice in Flirc profile in the Harmony software, I could just choose that for the Guide button and be done. I hope I'm explaining this correctly.

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