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  1. I had that problem with any code using beta firmware, in the end I downgraded to the last stable (fw_1.0 and Linux gui 0.96) and I have no problems now.
  2. I have a 6.2 IR/UHF PRO from Bell TV and after trying code 667 found major keys missing like all the arrows and surrounding buttons which made it useless I figure it was close enough to you 6.3 that the codes should be about the same but if they are you must not use those buttons. The sat mode is hard coded to UHF so it was useless even though all keys work (I don't use Bell anymore and got the remote out of a box) Finally I figured out the perfect code that has every button work. I programmed AUX to think it was controlling a second SAT receiver on a different channel and it used IR. Programming was a little different then normal vcr codes since it only requires what channel you want it on. hold AUX until all buttons light up press 3 press a IR channel number (I used "4") press # press "record"
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