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  1. OK well I uninstalled the beta release and installed the current supported version and I was able to map the buttons. Sorry for all the confusion I cause.
  2. OK I have been on here for an hour and I have made no progress with my 650. My head is spinning from all the links in the various posts. I downloaded the "release_package_6_23-2013" from Chris' reply above and ran the flirc setup.exe and then flirc_util.exe Now when I open Flirc it just tells me that my firmware is unsupported I downloaded the Flirc.1.0.0 beta firmware and ran the flirc setup.exe contained within and I'm not sure what happened, but it still tells me firmware is unsupported. I was able to add the harmony profile through the myharmony.com site and it looks like the buttons are mapped, but when I start XBMC and start pushing buttons nothing works. Do I need to clear my button configuration first? I'm totally confused on what the procedure is to get this working. Please help because the wife is getting frustrated with all the remotes and buttons and if I don't get it working soon she's going to make me reactivate my Netflix, HBO, and Showtime subscriptions. My brain hurts!
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