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  1. knilch

    Key repeat

    Solved - Set the inter-key to maximum (6), everything works fine again.
  2. knilch

    Key repeat

    What do you mean? In "Advanced settings" it shows me only Inter-key Delay (set to 2 since the beginning of my Flirc-career :-)) and the three checkboxes Sleep Det., Noise Canceler and Built-In Profiles. I use a Harmony Touch bound to a Harmony Hub... As I've said everything worked fine until yesterday when I learnt two new keys and the firmware got updated automatically.
  3. knilch

    Key repeat

    Hi, since the last update (Windows-GUI says firmware is 2.6) keypresses are not repeated anymore when keep pushing a remote button. So i.e. when I press the Up key on my remote I get exactly one Up-command. When I keep pushing the button there is still only one Up-command. After button release and pushing again another command is created. Has anything been changed? Am I missing something? Regards knilch
  4. Nice to hear! By the way - I already own two FLIRCs, amazing concept and work :-)
  5. On a remote there usually is exactly one button for power in/off. When I configure this button as WAKE key in combination with suspend_detect the remote can wake my PC from S3. However it seems that it's not possible to send the PC to sleep with the same button, as it does not send any detectable key when configured as WAKE. I think it would be useful to allow a specific button to be configured twice to send a normal keystroke AND a wake event. Regards knilch
  6. At first I want to apologize for not reading the sticky thread in which the problem is already listed :-( Both remotes are using the RC6 protocol. The first one is a Philips remote that came with my OrigenAE case, see http://www.cohaus-berlin.de/mce/srm5100.jpg The other one is a Xbox 360 Media Remote, see http://www.amazon.de/Xbox-360-Media-Remote-Fernbedienung/dp/B005F28GYU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1373263061&sr=8-1&keywords=xbox+remote Regards Knilch
  7. Hi, I tried to program a Windows MCE remote. After learning i.e. button up, I noticed that only every second remote button press was recognized as UP. So I programmed the button again. That did the trick. I then changed to flirc_utility and did a format command. Then I recorded UP with the command utility and listed the result via KEYS command. It says HASH B47CA919 up. Then I recorded same button UP again and did another listing. No there are 2 commands: B47CA919 up F3B14639 up Same remote, same button, two hashes. I think that is the reason for my initial problem that only every second button press worked. But is this a normal bevahiour? Why are there 2 hashes for the same key recognized? Another MCE remote ended up with the same result. Bug or feature? Regards Knilch P.S.: I use the latest development RC2 package.
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