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  1. Well, there is a limited time to capitalize on the Flirc IP. Once IoT devices proliferate our lives, this may become obsolete. Flirc as it is a niche product, the Flirc-SE even more so. This plus the technical challenge that you mention represents an limited business opportunity to expand the revenue that the Flirc can generate. Perhaps licensing the IP to a Taiwanese manufacturer for integration into system boards would heighten the profile of the IP and also allow a smaller form factor to be piggy backed into the deal. Certainly, resting on the laurels of the add-on model won't last fore
  2. I am well aware that doing this may require sourcing new IC's and may even require a separate development track. But hey, charge more for it until you phase out the older form factor. Anyhow, fingers crossed.
  3. Hey man, I am one of your original supporters. I bought two Flircs way back in the day when they were $35 or so plus shipping and only available from your site. Now they are on Amazon for half the cost with free shipping. A steal! I have lost count of how many I have told ppl to buy after they saw what can be done with an HTPC (probably close to a hundred is my guess). Anyway, I have seen that you have done a lot with firmware, software, compatibility, features. But the one thing that bothers me is the form factor of this device. I know you need to keep the casing clear to be compatible w
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