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  1. Hello I have a v1 flirc and it has worked great for years. Recently it started to not send (or receive, not really sure) commands correctly. I will have to push the button sometimes 9 times for the PC to respond. I have reinstalled the is (Debian Linux) and even tried it on multiple computers (various Linux distros) and still have the issue. It is not the remote as the tv and receiver react to every button press. Also every computer responds as it should to a keyboard so the issue appears to not be the computers but rather the flirc. Does anyone have any idea what the issue could be
  2. Having the same problem here on windows 10. Gonna try linux as well. has a fix been found yet? The old version is no longer found at the url here... Here are my fw specs. Firmware: v255.11.0 [0x17060BFF] Edit: Never mind am all updated. I just installed 1.2.6 then 1.4.4 then 2.0 upgrading the firmware every time. 2.0 segfaulted then was unable to detect the device. I then installed the newest and the firmware is now updated completely. Hopefully this helps someone. Should state this was on linux. Found the packages here http://apt.flirc.tv/arch/i386/binary/
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