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  1. I read about this issue before, but can't find it anywhere anymore (and don't remember if there was a solution). I finally got everything to work. Yeah, very happy :-) But....there is always a but.... I get my Mediacenter-PC to fall asleep and wake-up using the Harmony smart control remote and Flirc. However, when watching TV, the PC is also waking up almost randomly. I have searched in the device manager in Windows and found that if I disable 'wake-up' for the keyboard, the Flirc isn't responding on the wake-up command either. I also notice that there are 2 keyboard devices listed in
  2. This is a great post, if only the firware would work. It redirects to a version full of bugs (on Windows 8 / Intel NUC), where the commands flow in like someone is repeating the press on the buttons. Why can we not download older beta versions (which I understand if the latter versions wouldn't have new bugs).
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