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  1. Thanks Chris. Yes it would be good to have both the escape key and the backspace key mapped as they have slightly different behaviours in some screens. Yes I am using the beta firmware. I look forward to the stable release. Cindy
  2. Thanks Chris for the encouragement. I think I've got things set up now for all the basics that I need and it is great to have a single remote now for this setup on the Raspberry Pi instead of having to open up the XBMC remote on my android phone. There is one button I would dearly like to have and that is a button to go to the Main (home) Menu (I use Confluence) no matter how deep I am in the menus. Is that something I have overlooked or is it not there? Cindy
  3. Chris, very interesting idea to open up a word processor to see which keys are being pressed. I also realized that in my Harmony Remote software on the Activity page you can go in to customize the buttons and if I choose the Flirc XBMC device the button dropdowns seem to be the types of things I would expect from the XBMC Wiki. Just going to play with that now then I will also grab the flirc from the Raspberry Pi and try it in another computer with a wordprocessor. I'll report back if there are any outstanding issues. Budwyzer - yes the new GUI shows words when I hover over each button but I need to figure out how those words map to my remote (since it doesn't look like the XBMC graphic at all! Thanks - the Flirc is a great solution I just need to get my head around the different layers of abstraction and how to match them up.
  4. Is there a keymap that shows what XBMC functions are assigned to which keys on my Harmony One Remote? The basics are working: play, direction up,down,left,right select. I also have "back" show up on one of the virtual keys on the screen. I am using the updated firmware v256 on my Flirc and have Selected the Flirc XBMC "device" on my Harmony One remote control. XBMC is running on my Raspberry Pi displaying on my TV (via HDMI). I've had a look at the Flirc GUI (Flirc v1.0.0-beta) but from what I can tell there is nothing I need to do there since the keys are already paired - but how are they mapped? There is probably something obvious I am missing and will be happy if someone points it out to me since I am new to XBMC as well as Flirc and Raspberry Pi. Thanks, Cindy
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