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  1. Ha... I guess I'll be on my own here. Should be interesting. There are many remote codes to choose from for the XB1 to emulate. The htpc is labelled as a "media center PC" in the xb1 setup, but then you have to enter a remote code. Not sure there... Any tips on how to trial and error this? Thanks...
  2. Sorry for resurrecting an old thread, however I thought this was sort of related: I recently (few months ago) upgraded my MS Surface Pro 3 to Win10. I also have another SP3 that came with Win10 installed by MS. I also have a Windows7 nano-pc (amd fusion e350 apu based nettop) on which I run Kodi and WMC, which is where I primarily use my FLIRC. Recently, I tried to program the FLIRC on one of my surfaces (don't recall which one). I installed the FLIRC software/gui on the surface and plugged the flirc into it. I was able to program it normally. However, when I then plugged the flirc back i
  3. To clarify: the main crux of this idea is basically using the XBox One console itself as the remote control. This is possible because of two things: the XBox One has a built-in IR repeater/blaster (of sorts). This is how it controls other devices in your home system. The XB1 can turn on your TV set the correct input, turn your your AV receiver, set the correct input, etc. It can also control (and display output from) your cable box..... That last part is the other key. The XB1 has an HDMI *input* that is intended to accept cable tuner boxes. However people have plugged in all sorts of dev
  4. In searching for a way to get Kodi running on my XBox One, I ran across this site: https://kinkeadtech.com/xbox-one-xbmc-kodi-live-tv-oneguide-integration/ I have not had a chance to play around with this yet. However the author uses Eventghost and a MCE IR dongle. That combination is what FLIRC makes unnecessary. Much of the author's guide is dedicated to getting that combination to work correctly with the XBone. I'm wondering if anyone here has played around with this sort of a setup using FLIRC, and gotten it to work. I may try to find some time this week to play with this, but am prett
  5. I'm having this same issue. Did you ever work out a solution? This is happening to me on a Surface Pro 3. Thanks...
  6. Jason - any updates on this issue? While Jackstraw's work-around is great, I'm really trying to minimize the amount of customization and 3rd party apps I install on my W7 nettop (other than W7 and XBMC). It would be great if this were built-in to the FLIRC firmware. Thanks Jason for all your work, and thanks Jackstraw78 for the workaround!
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    I just found I haven't read every detail but I think it may contain the solution.
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    I'm in a similar scenario. Win7 nettop with XBMC as the primary app. I exit XBMC and use 7MC for live TV (premium channels), and I use XBMC for everything else (including LiveTV... although still working on that) Anyway, I'm not sure how I'll set this up on the Harmony remote, which up to now (before adding Live TV & thus 7MC to the mix) I've had working fine using Eskro's recommended way of setting up Harmony remotes. I'm also not even sure how to map 7MC commands to the FLIRC. 7MC uses key-combinations for almost everything ctrl+this ctrl+that. Very few single key presses.
  9. Why can't you just put XBMC into standby, or exit the XBMC application, or sleep the XBMC machine?
  10. It's just that when setting up "activities" for the harmony remote, things go a lot more smoothly if the device type is actually similar to the actual functionality of the device. For example, if I set up an activity for watching XBMC media with a Panasonic TV as the device type, the software wants to know what input the Panasonic TV needs to be on to do this. My xbmc box has no inputs of course... so I have to assign it some input and then remember to not assign that function to anything important for the actual xbmc box. Ideally, there should be a generic XBMC device in the Harmony data
  11. Why is it that a TV is recommended? Why not a DVD player or some other media-player like device?
  12. Sorry for going dark on y'all. I'll try to check out the suggestions soon. I'm thinking it's a microsoft thing, too. The other problem with this remote is that it won't work from more than a few feet away, can't figure out why. It has brand new batteries in it. I don't have any other remote around right now to try. I moved recently and can't find my Harmony!!!! :(
  13. The pre-made controllers just make it easy for those that don't want to go look up what each key on the keyboard does. I think having both is good. The controller is a good starting point, then if you want to customize it, switch over to the keyboard and have at it.
  14. I have a couple buttons (on my original Xbox dvd remote) that just won't take a programmed function. For example. The pause button works as the keyboard's "space" key. (confirmed with notepad) Since pressing play also pauses the media (and plays it again) I'd like to use the pause button for something else (namely "O" for on screen info in xbmc) but it just won't take it. Even though the flirc GUI says the button was successfully programmed, when I exit and go try it out, the pause button is still stuck as the "spacebar" key on a keyboard. Also, my "title" and "info" keys on my remote
  15. I'd like to see that if you press a programmed button, it's corresponding key in the GUI should blink. This would confirm that the button was properly programmed.
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