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  1. Update: I got flirc to work. Can someone please help me by getting the fw_repeat.bin file please. I can't seem to download it from here. Are there any other suggestions. When I click on right or left, It works sometimes and then keeps the button pressed and move lots of pointers forward. Is there any other suggestion guys? At this moment. So far the best solution found till date is the PS3 Bluetooth remote. It works very well but has its own minor if's and buts. Pros of the PS3 Blumote. Works perfectly all the time and rage is not an issue. A simple minor click will make it work. All color buttons work perfectly. The blumote software is very customizable. Cons of the PS3 Blumote. You have to use the hibernate settings to conserve battery. IF the remote is not set to hibernate then you will have to replace the batteries once in every 4 days. If in hibernate mode, when you press a key and the remote is hibernated, for example you are watching a movie and press pause and the remote is hibernated, it will take about 2 seconds to send the pause command as it has to wake up the remote. The above two points are the only cons but with the flirc, I feel there are too many if's and buts to make it work perfectly. For example. Pros of Flirc. Infra Red so batteries wont die. You can use your universal remote instead of an alternate PS3 remote. Cons. Flaky in a sense, flirc will learn the remote but not play back well. Constant additional key presses. Has an external object sticking out. If you use a bluletooth keyboard and mouse then the ps3blulmote is a total clean solution vs a flirc. Having said that I really like the possibility of using my universal remote vs an alternate ps3 remote. Hope someone can help out.
  2. When I moved the flirc usb location it now started working but it keeps it like sticky keys. I cannot seem to download the fw_repeat bin. Can you please be kind and upload it somewhere or email it to me please. fw_repeat.bin 15K 313 downloads
  3. Budwyzer. sorry if I wasn't clear. Here it is. The LG TV is a small TV in my bedroom that works with a simplistic remote. I tried to make that remote work with flirc. In the Flirc Application, the application picks up the signals when learning from the remote but then does not playback on xbmc. Here I mentioned the bose lifestyle v35 is because the lifestyle remote learns from any remote by learning its keystrokes. So after the LG remote is fully configured, I plan to make the bose learn the keystrokes of the LG remote so I can use it as a universal remote.
  4. Hi. Its an LG TV Remote which I have in the bedroom. The remote works just fine with the TV. The flirc shows up in the hardware manager and it also shows connected on the software. I was hoping that once the LG remote is programmed, I can make my bose lifestyle send out those commands as it does that very well for all the household devices.
  5. Yes I used the up down left right in the learner to make it learn and the software showed that it has learnt. In the command line utility it also shows that the keys have been programmed but they don't work. I test the up down left right in xbmc and also on notepad to see if it works and it does not.
  6. After extensive reading I finally got Flirc installed. I've downloaded the latest software (not the alpha or beta builds) I tried to use an LG remote and when Flirc is in learning mode, it learns just fine but then when playing nothing really happens.
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