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  1. Okay that makes sense... Do you mean you cannot use su with adb? If thats true, you may need to reflash the image with recovery. you can download it here : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2266629 this will tell you how to get into recovery: http://forums.ouya.tv/discussion/1380/recovery-mode if you can still use adb with su privlages however you don't need to do that. in order to root, you should follow the instructions in post #8 in the xda i put in the first post here (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2270589) starting with pushing su to your
  2. Hi I just read your post more carefully... Clearly you did not read my guide at all because otherwise you would have flirc working perfectly with your ouya menu and xbmc. external keyboard helper does not work very well with ouya because it is not actually able to map the keys correctly (ouya changes a few things around from stock android) for example you can map the menu and home button with external keyboard helper but they will not work for all programs, you need to create a new keymap. I am gong to delete my earlier comment about that program because it will likely confuse more people. in
  3. I attached a copy in case you dont want to go grab it from your ouya.. you can probably just change the key numbers to whatever you have set on your remote/flirc and rename it to "Vendor_20a0_Product_0001.kl" idk though i havent tried like i said I dont use the ouya launcher but i can navigate fine just useing to normal buttons using my keymap though i havent messed with it too much though as enter and back only function as the O and A keys Vendor_2836_Product_0001.zip
  4. THe OUYA controller keymap is called "Vendor_2836_Product_0001.kl" located in the same folder check that out if you want to map the remote to OUYA functions You can use this app: https://github.com/downloads/chrisboyle/keytest/KeyTest.apk to find out which keys correspond to which OUYA buttons
  5. Even if you can get it on the playstore, you would still need to root. You cannot mount /system/ without superuser permissons... Its not a bad idea though because it will (sort of) simplify one step.
  6. EDIT: Easier method/ way not to mess up your default keyboard layout. So on android you can create different key layouts for individual keyboards as long as the file names indicate the device (see attached) I created a key layout for flirc and restored my stock generic one so that other keyboards arent affected. Instructions Step 1: root/ install superuser Step 2: move attached file (unzipped of course) to /system/usr/keylayout/ Step 3: on Flirc software program the following buttons for android commands ie: program the buttons on your remote to the keys which correspon
  7. Thanks one note for android devices in general. Though "Generic.kl" is the default keymap for ouya "qwerty.kl" is the default for a lot of older devices. Also I'm not sure if the function "HOME ALT" works on all devices though "HOME" should work on most
  8. HI i just realized all the problems that i was having were with the external keyboard helper program i was using i mapped the keys manually and everything works now, that program is a huge pos and a waste of money
  9. nevermind i think both issues were with the keymapping program i was using i just mapped the leys manually and ghot rid of the program and its working pretty well now
  10. Also I was wondering if any one can confirm the keyboard fix for sticky keys. I installed the version of xbmc posted here and it's not a huge issue but the keys do still repeat some of the time
  11. Yeah in order to fix that you need to changed the key map in android (see my guide) it might be qwerty.kl on your device escape is button 1 which you can changed to "BACK VIRTUAL" I'm not sure what button backspace is but you can find out using this app: https://github.com/downloads/chrisboyle/keytest/KeyTest.apk. If you want one of the buttons to bring up the context menu or android menu in other apps program it to "MENU VIRTUAL" also the home button function is probably "HOME" on your box though it is different on ouya which I use. I have one question which is drivin
  12. EDIT: so mapping the keys (menu and back) using the app worked in android but not in xbmc, in order to get around this, you need to set the keys you want in the "Generic.kl" file to HOME VIRTUAL and BACK VIRTUAL for some reason when they are not virtual, it crashes xbmc
  13. Hi I just got flirc and ouya today and spent the last few hours getting it working with my ouya. Obviously android recognises it as a usb keyboard so some functions work right away but you need to get a little tricky if you want everything to work seemlessly including android home, menu, back buttons. Step 1: install superuser follow this guide: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2270589 if you do not understand how to do this i cannot help you. Step 2: install a file manger, I use es file explorer step 3 navigate to system/usr/keylayout and find the file "Gener
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