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  1. Hello, I have programmed Up and Down keys on FLIRC for my remote to behave like up and down keyboard keys, on a dualboot machine running different Linux installations. I would expect that since FLIRC would be basically sending keyboard signals to the PC that it should be possible to operate the GRUB2 boot menu with the keyboard, using up and down. But there is no response on the screen, probably FLIRC is not operating at this stage of boot. Can I somehow use a remote and FLIRC to control GRUB2 menu?
  2. Hello Jason, my 2 cents: if possible, please make a black Flirc. The transparent one is cool, but it will standout like a lamp in people's setup with majorly black equipment like AV Receivers, Blu-Ray players, and most of HTPC cases. Congrats on the great idea and execution of the product, wishing Flirc all success. Regards partimers
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