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  1. Attached is my current configuration. You may need to reload the plugins or changes so you can load the file. config.xml
  2. How to use EventGhost and Flirc for maximum XMBC awesomeness. OK folks, I’ve been really waiting for a way to interface FLIRC with XBMC. Unfortunately, the buttons that the FLIRC program provides for XBMC are pretty limited; most universal remotes come with a bajillion buttons that aren’t used under normal conditions for XBMC. Additionally, some buttons don’t really have counterparts in FLIRC or the keyboard, such as YELLOW, BLUE, RED and GREEN. Finally, the practice of editing keymaps.xml or whatever XBMC uses is painful. Because of this, I wanted to interface EventGhost’s XBMC2 plugin as
  3. Yes, that's what I've been doing. Pairing and deleting in the GUI is not a problem for me up to a certain point. Oddly, most buttons delete correctly in GUI mode and in the command line up to a certain point (maybe after I've programmed ~30 keys or so). After that, deleting several other buttons fail, even though it displays a successful deletion attempt ("Erased Button" on the GUI, "Button Deleted Successfully" in the command line). The only way to delete these entries is to wipe everything out. I can still add entries, but I can't delete them. I'm running Flirc Version 1.0.5 [fw_v255.
  4. More information about this error: in both command line mode and in GUI mode, I can attempt to delete the key, and both mention that the deletion is successful. However, using "flirc_util keys" shows that the key is not deleted, and still remains. I tried multiple attempts to delete it in Gui mode, and it keeps saying "Erased Button". Trying to program a keystroke to replace it does not work, and gives the message "Button already exists." Certain other buttons can be programmed and deleted as normal, but not others. Any ideas?
  5. I'm also having a similar issue with version 1 firmware running on flirc 0.96. I can't delete the button from the gui, although I can remap it when I clear the configuration. Reloading the old configuration and trying to erase the button does not work, although i can set empty buttons correctly. This occurs whether I use a normal keystroke or a weird modifier keystroke (control-alt-shift-F). Any ideas on how to fix it? The reason I don't want to start from scratch is because I'm using flirc in combination with eventghost to control XBMC, and I've gotten deep into messing around with eventghost
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