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  1. ok i can confirm that i got it to work. i have no clue what buttons i pressed! it took 5 minutes the first time. Then i replugged it back into my extension and I had to do the same thing again. This time it took about a minute. again no clue what buttons i pressed. So definitly not great. needs tweaking but usable now! this will throw a lot of people off.

  2. ok so I have got it working now. In the CLI, i changed the delay to 1. The noise option i had enabled but this didn't allow me to move around at all (non responsive). So I disabled it again (as it is at default). It works fine now with no repeating. It is a tad slow... so I put it up to 2 on the delay, and the issue appeared again. So I am sticking where I am now.


    So this is my setup...

    - latest firmware. Did not program any buttons.

    - in CLI just edited the delay from 6 to 1.

    - Using harmony 650 with Flirc device via myharmony in my activity.


    I think if the CLI commands can be put into the GUI this will help a lot. More info one the options too would be good.

  3. I have the same issue and glad others have it too. I thought it was related to ambiant light in the room. I turned on and off lights etc. Still had the same issue. It does make it unusable. I am using Harmony 650, I have the flirc device from the my harmony site. I fiddled only with the delay values and such on the Flirc device but it didn't impact it at all.


    It is just odd that it is so temperamental. Help!

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