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  1. I've temporarily adopted a solution... Since i know a little about C# programming, i've written a simple application. It basically runs at startup and looks for XMBC windows instances to automatically change send the keyboard layout change command to XBMC. It's not the perfect solution, but since we don't have the possibility to change Flirc's keyb. layout, it works fine for me. I hope the programmer will include features like this in future releases, it would be cool! :)
  2. Hi everyone.. I have a harmony remote and i paired almost all keys to flirc.. Now i there's a broken key (checked inside, pcb is damaged) and i would delete that key to pair it to another one.. problem is.. how can i delete one single key without formatting and re-pairing all working keys? say i want to delete key 657E45BF without pressing the button.... how can i achieve that??? flirc_util.exe delete, doesn't accept a key as parameter... please help! thanks a lot
  3. I'm using this GUI: To pair Volume DOWN: - Hit the - key on flirc gui - press the button on my remote (btw is Logitech Harmony 300i) To pair Volume UP: - Hit Shift and +/= key on flirc gui - press button on remote Then I try the key on notepad and it writes: '''''''' not -------- If i change the keyboard layout, the keys are working fine [EDIT] I found a Logitech Harmony FLIRC Profile on MyHarmony application, but i'm experiencing same results as pairing with flirc GUI. Even with this profile, i have to change keyboard layout to en-US
  4. Hello there! I'm using flirc and it's great!! but.... I would like to know if it's possible to change the default keyboard layout used in GUI and flirc_util.exe I'm from Italy and i'm using standard qwerty italian layout. Although this is not a problem for normal keys like letters or numbers, it is a big problem when i want to pair special keys like the plus sign or slash. I've tried also pairing them with command line utility flirc_util.exe, but it is the same. For example to use volume up/down keys with XBMC you have to pair plus and minus keys. If I pair them with GUI without changing system keyboard layout, the plus sign is mapped to "ì" and minus sign is mapped to " ' ", so they're not working in XBMC (same thing happens with flirc_util) Every time i use XBMC i have to switch keyboard layout and this is very annoying because i'm using flirc on a HTPC without keyboard so i manually have to do it by connecting a mouse. Any suggestion? thanks for help!!
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