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  1. That's the kind of info I'm after!! Thanks for the fast reply. I just tried it then, and although these remotes look and function very similar, it didn't give me any extra buttons. I'm starting to think that this is a limitation of the remote, if in dvd mode, it thinks those buttons are not required, so it only maps the essential ones Might have to get a media center remote to be able to map and a harmony to get the 3in1 happening :/ $$ Thanks again
  2. Hi guys, forgive me if this is in the wrong place, I am somewhat of a n00b First off, I love the flirc. Great work. It works really well with my XBMC on Raspberry Pi (openelec). I am using my Fetch TV (internet tv in Australia) remote, this is somewhat a universal remote, with a TV and DVD button to use with an existing system. I think the remote is great, so I don't want to get another universal to replace it. But the problem I am having is, when I enter a DVD remote code into this remote. Depending on the brand of dvd, it will not send a signal if the button does not get used. I want to use the unused buttons (back, numbers etc are not needed for dvd players) Do you guys have any remotes that you can recommend that would be good for xbmc use? Anything with the play, pause, stop, arrows, select exit and menu would be great. I can't program flirc until this remote sends something to it. I hope this makes sense, essentially I want to enter a dvd code into my Fetch TV remote, that sends lots of commands so I can program flirc to my liking Thanks!
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