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  1. hey, something VERY weird is happening to me. I'm using a Logitech 880 wit the FLIRC profile on the Logitech Software and everything works as expected, no issues. ...until I turn my fluorescent light OFF. If my light is on, it detects each press as a single button press, without any issues. The moment I turn the light OFF, it detects any press as a multiple press (as said by the original poster) and it just repeats it infinitely, until I either press another button, turn my light back on or cover the receiver. If I just turn my light off, it doesn't do anything. Until I press something on my remote, that is. Explain me that one... :D Edit: also, weirdly enough, it only seems to be an issue inside menus. On the main XBMC window, it never repeats. This is pretty weird! Edit 2: I read the forums a bit and noticed that if I changed the interkey_delay to 0, it fixes my problems. However, I just found it strange that my issues only showed up when my fluorescent light was OFF.
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