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  1. Thanks Chris, works like a charm. And yes. I can definitively say yes! I never thought that I can control my Raspberry Pi with the tv's remote, but Flirc made it possible. I really love this tiny infrared receiver :)
  2. Hey guys, thanks for your help. Actually <escape>Info</escape> did the trick, don't know <backspace>info</backspace> doesn't work. Now I'd like to disable the button in fullscreen video mode. If I only put <escape></escape> in the xml file the default actions is triggered. How can I disable the button just in fullscreen video mode?
  3. Hi there, I've setup up flirc with my Samsung tv remote and it works very well. The "back" function has been assignet with the back button in Flirc's XMBC settings, see here: Well I would like to disable it in fullscreen video mode and tried some settings in my keyboard.xml file (located at \pi\.xbmc\userdata\keymaps). Here is the file: But instead of the info screen, the back action triggers. I don't know how the back function (see screenshow above) is named. Can anyone help me?
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