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  1. Just want to share an experience and send a "thank you". For months I had struggled with the reliability of the Flirc. Keypresses were often missed, it was difficult to move through XBMC lists, and RC macros involving Flirc were driving me crazy. I tried different "repeats", sensitivities, many recording iterations, etc, but I couldn't get it to a level of reliability that I wanted. At one point I discovered that this was more than likely due to the IR extender that I'm using. It's a pretty high-end one, but apparently even good ones can interfere slightly with the signal and timing. But I need the extender, so I lived with the reliability issues for months. Just because I was bored one night last week, I started thinking about this again and considered getting a USB extender cable instead of the IR extender. During my research on Flirc with long USB cables, I happened to stumble on a thread that mentioned how the algorithms have been redesigned in the new firmware (version 3.1). This piqued my interest again, so I installed the new firmware, recorded my buttons again and......wow, it's almost 100% reliable now even with the IR extender! Just wanted to mention this in case it benefits others. Great product, and thanks for continuing to make it better. Aaron
  2. Pretty sure I have read that it's the remote control that needs to send the repeated commands when the button is held down. So this would require some programming in the URC software so that when the button is held down then it will send repeated commands. However, to be honest, I haven't tried this. So mine only advances once no matter how long I hold it down for. That said, I think I did have this working at some point in the past, possibly when I was using a different hardware profile in the URC software. However that had other more serious drawbacks which were resolved by using AUX 001. At some point I'll try to get this working. For now I've gotten accustomed to using the "page up/down" functions in lists within XBMC. It's pretty fast that way, even with several hundred movies.
  3. As mentioned above, my 980 is working pretty well with XBMC, but it's on Windows. I use the "AUX 001" device in CCP and I've found it quite reliable (after trying various other random devices). Here are my settings: Settings: sleep detection: Disabled noise canceler: Disabled inter-key delay: 0 keys recorded: 25 keys remaining: 144 memory used: 17% Recorded Keys: hash key --------- --- 8BBE8A79 left FF2313E up BE6A0D7 right 8FCA1BE0 return F324A86 down D1DBCD5E escape CD7EB1C7 backspace 93E71F2F p D19BB516 space 51749FB8 x CD6D4E3E r 8FB9B856 f 4DE6DF6D , FE1CEB4 . D12C39CD i F83B5F4 c 8F2835A0 pageup F906346 pagedown 8F4A0CF0 t F9272DB tab I'm not exactly sure how to troubleshoot this on the Ouya, but one thing you could start with is to put the programmed Flirc dongle into a Windows computer and experiment with Notepad or EventGhost open to see if you get repeated letters when you click the remote buttons. That would help you understand if it's a problem with the Ouya config, or isolated to the remote/Flirc combo. If you're see repeated letters in Notepad then you could take a closer look in CCP. I seem to remember some devices have a "repeats" setting that could be affecting things. Unfortunately, I don't have it installed on this computer so I'm saying this from memory.
  4. Sorry for digging up an old thread, but I just wanted to say that this worked beautifully with an MX980 and CCP! After having mildly inconsistent results for several months with Flirc and my MX980, I finally decided to spend some more time troubleshooting it. Switching to the AUX 001 device really seems to have perfected everything. Speed is great and the key presses seem 100% consistent even with delay at 0. I'm using CCP too. Maybe this should be posted somewhere for all URC users.
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