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  1. So I seem to have found all the Flirc USB gen1 units I had thought I had lost. I now have three gen1 and one gen2 units. I was setting them up for various uses and may have a gen1 that has gone bad? I'm using GUI v3.25.3 and was able to connect and update the firmware to v3.11, but any key I try to program in any of the templates triggers a "transfer error" message in the message window in the middle-bottom of the GUI as soon as I press the remote button. I tried a couple different remotes. Also the happy-face "connected" momentarily changes to sad-face "disconnected" when the transfer error appears. I had no problem upgrading the f/w and programming one of the other gen1 units. I'm also running this on Linux Mint as my home is now Windoze-less - woohoo! Installation was easy, thanks for the helpful instructions. I do have to run Flirc with sudo to get it to work, so perhaps I have some permissions to figure out, but that's a minor detail. Any thoughts on my gen1 unit? Is it toast or are there diagnostics I can try? Thanks, -Brad
  2. Firefox blocks it too. I don't know about Chrome, but in FF you can go to Tools-Downloads, right-click on it and select "Allow Download" and it works.
  3. Interesting, I thought it was just me and my old Hauppauge 45 button remotes. Assuming it's the same issue I have it goes back 7+ years (see my post from 2013). I thought there was a fix for it at one point, but maybe not officially released. I just tried setting up a gen1 Flirc with the H45 remote again today and am having the same issues. I too am using ir-keytable with the H45 remote on my ODroid N2 (with built-in IR) running CoreElec with no issues. The N2 is probably over-kill for Kodi, but man is it a rocket! The ODroid C4 (also has built-in IR) appears to be very comparable to the RPi4 and if I don't have to buy the Flirc (and a new remote) it would be a fair amount cheaper solution too.
  4. This fix got lost somewhere along the way. I just reconfigured a Hauppauge 45 button remote on the latest Flirc s/w (v3.25.3) and the latest f/w in my gen1 Flirc (v3.11.0). Same issue as 7 years ago, the Flirc is only sending every-other button press to Kodi (have to hit each remote button twice to do anything). The temporary fix of hitting each remote button twice during setup doesn't work anymore, the software saves the first press before I can hit the button on the remote a second time. I tried many times to be fast enough on the buttons, I'm not.
  5. Nevermind. Appears to have been a Windoze/software glitch. I rebooted and the error is gone, works now.
  6. The wheels keep turning, had a thought that I'd at least prove the Flirc still works (it's been in a box for a couple years) so I grabbed a remote that's in use in another room (Popcorn Hour A110 remote) and was going to set that up for Kodi. Same "Transfer Error" message. So I went and grabbed the Harmony 650 from the Family room, same error. Is this some stupid Windohs 10 UAC or similar setting issue?
  7. Reconfiguring things with my home setup and was planning to use a Hauppauge 45 button remote with Flirc on an RPi to control Kodi. I actually had a saved configuration file from 4-5 years ago for this which I loaded, but none of the remote buttons worked. So I installed the latest Flirc s/w (v3.25.3) and loaded the latest f/w in my gen1 Flirc (v3.11.0). I select a Kodi keyboard controller and when to start programming the keys with the Hauppauge 45 button remote. But ever button I press on the remote during the setup results in "Transfer Error" message showing briefly in the black window on the bottom of the GUI. Any thoughts? Thanks, -Brad
  8. Just curious, do you know if this fix was completed? I had been using a different remote but decided to give the Hauppauge 45 button a try again. Thanks, -Brad
  9. These are probably low-priority requests, but I thought I'd mention them anyway. Is there a way to view the keyboard mapping, like in a table some how (the entire configuration)? Also, how hard would it be to enable keyboard shortcuts for the menu in the config utility? I guess this isn't a high-use program, but I keep pressing ALT-F, etc to get to the menus and nothing happens. I'm a keyboard guy and my brain is having a hard time adjusting to using the mouse for this. Thanks! -Brad
  10. Thanks Jason! Should I look for the fix in this thread or do routine checks for new firmware? Also, please let me know if I can be of assistance in testing the fix.
  11. Hello All, I got my first flirc (first two) in the mail today. The first one is for my HTPC (Windoze 7 Pro SP1). I'm running NextPVR and didn't have a working IR input for my Hauppauge 45 button remote. It was no problem to set up, the software works well (although a little time consuming). It seems that all the remote keys are working as I programmed them, to replicate the keystrokes used by NPVR. The trouble is it's only passing every-other remote command through to NPVR. I have to hit every remote button twice to get the response of one from the software. At first I thought I was pressing the remote buttons to fast, but I tried waiting over 10 seconds between presses, it didn't matter, it was still only sending every-other button press. My actual keyboard works fine with NPVR (how I have been using it so far). I saved my config and created a simple Minimalist config with the same remote that I tested with Win-dohs Media Center, which yielded the same every-other result. I've attached my files for both the NPVR config and the minimialist config, if that helps. Any thoughts? Thanks, -Brad H45_minimalist_flirc_config.fcfg H45_NPVR_flirc_config.fcfg
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