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  1. Hi there, It's been a while since I've been to the flirc forums. I have 4 flircs in the house at the moment, all connected to seperate htpc setups and all working great. A while ago in these forums I suggested a feature to add secondary functions to buttons to add more functionality for smaller minimal button remotes like the apple tv remote. An example would be; to wake the pc push and hold a button to trigger the wake command, or push and hold 'up' to adjust volume. Essentially this would double the amount of functionality of a small remote. This suggestion seemed to gain momentum with the creator of flirc even stating that he was even working to implement the feature in a future firmware update. However that was quite some time ago, I don't seem to see any progress on this. Can it be done? And will it be done? Would be great to experiment with this, I'd love to have a secondary function to trigger an IR Blaster to wake my TV using the apple remote.
  2. Hi, I've got 2 Flirc's. One in my bedroom running on a mac mini, running windows 8 via bootcamp. Flirc works fine on this computer running latest BETA FW. The second flirc i have running in the lounge room on an older Lenovo PC that i use as a HTPC. It's running Windows 7, all drivers are up to date, but flirc does not run so well on this computer. BOTH flircs have exactly the same settings and are using exactly the same latest BETA FW and both are running exactly the same remote (Aplpe Remote 2nd GEN). The issue i'm having with the second pc (lounge room) is that it is randomly waking up due to flirc, it will also wake up if i push a button on the TV remote. Now, interesting thing is... If i turn Flircs sensitivity to 1 (flirc_util sensitivity 1) and put the computer to sleep, the Flirc acts responsibly and will not randomly wake up, nor will it respond to button presses from my tv remote. Great! ... However, this breaks long keypresses...(which i definately need to work) so it's not a solution. Now, if i leave the sensitivity at 2 or 3 long keyrpesses work great, but i'm stuck with the machine waking up randomly and also waking from the remote keypresses from the TV's remote control. So if i enable suspend_detect (susepnd_detect enable) and record a wake key, the Flirc acts resonpsibly and works as it should... Only waking up to the wake button i've assigned it to. Great!... However, i've now had to sacrifice a whole button on the apple remote, just to wake the pc.... I cannot do this because i need all buttons to navigate XBMC properly. So this is not a solution. Bug: There seems to be a problem with the implementation of the "sensitivity" setting and "long key presses" that is only effecting certain PC's ability to stay asleep.. since changing the sensitivity to 1 fixes the issue, but disables long key presses... I'm guessing there's a problem with long keypresses. I've seen this problem reported on these forums before so i'm guessing i'm not alone. I'm also willing to bet that if whoever else is suffering from this would be able to set sensitivity to 1 and the problem will go away. right now, the only viable solution i can think of will require a new FW to allow the 'wake' button to be assigned to ANY key, regardless of whether it already has an assigned button. Allowing it to have a secondary function. this way i can continue to use the wake button in xbmc as any other button. But when the comupter is asleep it will only respond to that sepcific button. Or of course look for the problem related to sesnsitivity and longkeypresses. I hope this may help in efforts to create a solid fw. look forward to hearing your response. Cheers, Loggio.
  3. What do you mean? It should just work.... I'm using it on a Mac mini running windows 8 via boot camp...
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