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  1. Old topic, but i just wanted to drop in and say that I'm facing the same issue! 


    I'm facing this on 2 separate computers using Flirc + XBMC (frodo).


    One system uses a Sony DVD remote, the other uses a Logitech Harmony (perhaps with a sony profile, don't remember).


    Strangely though, i was scrolling down a list with my keyboard down-arrow yesterday and the left menu popped up (I'm fairly sure i didn't touch the left key)! Maybe its an XBMC issue?




  2. Look forward to this.


    I'd hope that it would blink in another colour when the button on the remote is pressed (perhaps orange), compared to the green selection when the button is selected by mouse in the GUI.



    Another request: Currently when the button is selected in the GUI, it flashes between its normal state and green. Could you make it flash between 50% green and green? It makes the buttons easier to spot when looking between the screen and remote constantly during set-up. Its just a tiny improvement to the UX.




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