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  1. Cheers, great to hear, and yes Flirc rocks - although its a little expensive (in comparison to the price of the RPi I use it with), its saved me many hours of effort to get the RPi working just right.
  2. So not me being incredibly dim then, guys this seems like a quick win, we're looking to you to be the experts on the keys needed for XBMC.
  3. I'm using my FLIRC with a Raspberry PI running XBMC (Xbian) - I wondered for age how the hell I'm supposed to delete a content source in XBMC, then I found it .... context menu .... only that key (defaults to "c" in xbmc) is not part of your XBMC controller key-set..... arrgh !! Solved easily of course by switching to keyboard layout and mapped MENU on my remote to "c" - simple, but oh so much simpler if you actually had context menu on your XBMC key-set. Did I miss something ? I cannot believe that you left out the menu key, xbmc is unusable without it.
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