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  1. i know red a lot of threads and managed it to install the beta firmeware, i am also able to use every setting. can someone give me something like a little guide how to program for example on the apple remote the button up for menü und long-hit-button up for volume up. i have problems to use the sensibility right with the buttons --.......sry for being not so professional in using the tool :) kind regards
  2. when do you tink this feature will be available ?
  3. hey it works fine :) it was a hard work to get the flirc run with windows 8. i used this workaround: https://flirc.clarify-it.com/d/epnthl -after this i configured the flirc in windows 8 -dropped it off and put it in my raspberry pi -restartet the raspberry pi after configuration an apple remote via lirc and the apple remote silver now works with flirc via raspberry pi great product. kind regards from germany (bonn)
  4. ah ok, i did not know this that it saves the bindings on its on hardware. so i have to try it from my pc - if anybody can support me in this case i would be happy . Kind regards
  5. Hi, i just received my flirc usb adapter. Can you help me how to manage my Apple Remote (Silver Edition) on my raspberry pi with xbmc (USING RASPBMC). Kind Regards, piet
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