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    Firmware Version Unsupported

    Excellent advice! Many thanks for this DreDub (Especially that you probably only registered to help out with your first post?!) I was able to de-brick my flirc unit the proposed way! Cheers!
  2. olympia

    Firmware Version Unsupported

    Hi Jason, can you at least see from the log if the device is somehow bricked or something you can look at the sw side of things?
  3. olympia

    Firmware Version Unsupported

    Log again: https://pastebin.com/bBpnJRF3 Forgot you were in Prague last weekend and was too idealistic anyway with the one week pastebin expiration time :)
  4. olympia

    Firmware Version Unsupported

  5. olympia

    Firmware Version Unsupported

    I had an old Flirc module in my drawer for long (>years). Now that I hooked it up and launched the latest Flirc App (3.1.0), I get a "Firmware Version Unsupported, You have newer firmware version than this software supports" error. I have tried this under Win10, Win7 and Ubuntu and all the same. Is it possible that firmware numbering has changed and I have some firmware from the long past on the module which has a higher version number than current? Edit: on the bottom left of the GUI the stated firmware version is v255.9.0