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  1. Remote being used Vizio XRV1TV 3D Pros: + Incredibly fast and painless setup; I got the device and minutes later had the remote programmed. + Great reception from anywhere in the room and from any angle. + Can program multiple buttons to do the same keystroke (or different remotes to do the same keystroke) which works perfectly with my setup. + It's a pretty inexpensive device, all things considered, and I got mine about a week after ordering it. + Did I mention it was easy, and works almost exactly the way I need it to? Cons: - I still haven't figured out the wake-from-standby issue, but I haven't tried the beta firmware yet. - The setup program did work very well, but I noticed a few little bugs I had to work around (phantom button presses getting assigned, random keys getting erased instead of the one I pressed, etc.). Nothing too bad, but slightly irritating. - There is a limit to the number of recordable buttons, obviously. My remote has a full remote layout and QWERTY keyboard and I was able to program almost all of the buttons, but it still ended up being two or three short (I don't really need an alt key, though...). Overall I was looking for good Openelec remote solution for a long time, and the cheap IR receiver I bought a while ago didn't work. I decided that this looked promising, so I ordered it along with the Vizio QWERTY remote (from Amazon for $15). Setup, as I mentioned, was just a little buggy, but once I got it into my HTPC it worked flawlessly. Honestly, I'm thrilled. I should have gotten this sooner. I am so happy with the way it has worked for the past few weeks that I thought I should get on and say something about it. Great product.
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