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    How to map the +

    I have a broken Viewsonic VMP75 media streamer. I'm using its remote. You can see the remote pic in the link. Ideally, I would want to use the Boxee remote but they're out of production now. One sold for over $100 on ebay a a week ago or so. For a while Dlink sold the Boxee remote with an RF dongle. The Boxee remote has all the essential navigation buttons on the front and the qwerty on the back if you want to hit the "i" button for example for media info (in Plex). A full on RF keyboard is way to clunky and I'm not impressed with the mini versions out there. The Boxee remote also feels right in your hand. http://www.hdtvsolutions.com/ViewSonic_NexTV_VMP75_Review.htm
  2. eug7

    How to map the +

    Using shift and + doesn't work for me but just mapping to just the =/+ works. But, maybe someone can shed some light on why if I use my RF keyboard and hold down hit the =/+ while using Plex volume will continue increment up (as long as I hold the key down). With the IR remote I'm using with the Flirc and Plex if I hold down the button down I mapped for volume it will only increment a smidge. I have to repeatedly press the button to increment the volume. Is this an IR remote issue or the particular remote I'm using?
  3. eug7

    How to map the +

    Use + mapped in Plex for volume up but I don't know how to get to it on the full keyboard? Shift and + doesn't work.
  4. Thanks Burke. I will try. You da man.
  5. Just received my Flirc today. Setup Flirc on a Windows 7 machine using an Apple Remote. Can I use the play/pause button for example to start the Plex app somehow? I downloaded Evenghost and went through their wiki and forum but I have no idea how to map the button. I've created a macro to start the Plex.exe and I see the keyboard plug-in but now what? I asked on the Eventghost forum but no answer yet. Is Eventghost the only way to use the combo Flirc and Apple remote to start Plex from the desktop?
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