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  1. After messing with it more, it seems to be the brand of remote I have been using for years (comcast silver remote) I have 3 of them and all act the same way with flirc now, but when I try a WD Live remote it works fine. Any ideas why the comcast remotes might be giving me fits now?
  2. I was running version .96 or so for the longest time, and recently started having issues with repeated key presses (fast scrolling through menus etc.) I updated to the most recent version of flirc so I could mess with inter-key delay, and now can not get keys to program for nothing! I can clear config it still gives me a warning that key is already programmed. I can erase that key, and it all seems ok, but no matter what all the keys I program after that are programmed to that first key press. So if I try to program up arrow to 1, it might give me a warning so I have to erase it even if I cleared config, than program it to 1, it works fine, than any button I program after that is still mapped to 1? Any Ideas?
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