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  1. Openelec's Raspberry Pi builds have ssh enabled. So you can ssh into your box. ssh -lroot your.box.ip.address ‚Äčat the prompt type the following and press enter lsusb the output of this command this will confirm if your flirc is being recognized.
  2. Have had my flirc for a couple of months now and here's my thoughts so far. Remote: Harmony One with Samsung LN46C650L1F tv device profile. Pros: + Cli interface. + Detected as hid usb keyboard. + Programmable on a pc and transferable to another pc. + Config stored on the flirc. + Good reception. + Good support from Jason. Cons: - Device is quite buggy. Mine always corrupts config if I edit button settings, meaning I have to completely reprogram all buttons. - Have never successfully restored a backup config that works. - No way of knowing the programmed state of the device. - Logitech Harmony remote profile not easily identifiable. - Definitely not for newbs yet. Overall: I have mine setup as I want but I'm reluctant to customise it further due to the amount of work needed to reprogram all buttons.
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