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  1. Hi;

    Thanks for the great help around here.

    I have tried to setup Flirc and my Harmony One without success. I have read many installation procedures and I am confused. I have programmed FLIRC with keyboard layout but keys needed to be pressed twice to work, and even though the delay to execution was huge (so I canned that one). Next, I programmed MCE Keyboard and MCPC in the remote and linked them with an action to launch XBMC automatically using WIN-7 command and then use the keyboard layout i programmed. That did not work either...


    1. Have XBMC as a command in remote
    2. When pressed

    a) I need TV on and HDMI 3 selected

    B) XBMC launched on the PC

    then control from there with a keyboard layout.


    A second TV profile would not work since I need my TV to switch to HDMI 3 and so on... is this correct?

    I realize that this list might be a bit pretentious but I would like the convenience this offers.


    1. Is this possible to do
    2. If yes, what is the best way to program it

    Thanks in advance

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