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  1. The remote I decided to use with my flirc was the Yamaha Rav214. It, itself, is a programmable remote, with a multi device switcher, and quite a lot of keys that *dont* switch codes when the function selector is changed. As such, its a bit of a nightmare to setup in the current flirc GUI - Ive had to experiment with several different layouts (mappings of the buttons on the remote to button assignments in flirc) as - some of the buttons turned out to not be used (on the remote) on some target devices. - other buttons were common accross several layouts (and, so I ended up simultaneously driving the volume on xbmc AND the av receiver at the same time). - some of the buttons seem to use an alternating coding so I need to program them twice to the same function or I need to press twice to get a single generated keypress. I think that an "exploration" window that - without attempting to bind a button to a function - would simply show some kind of unique representation of detected input (and, if it currently does have a binding, show that too) would be bloody useful for figuring out this kind of remote. And generally assist in diagnosing remotes with potential dead buttons. feedback ftw.
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