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  1. The harmony settings is a modified xbox. This morning I had the idea to try another device to set up in the harmony and check the flirc with that. Saved the log, only pressed the "Play" button twice. The "<3>ir_finished(63): too many edges" message at every button seems problematic ^^° Thank you for the help. my_flirc_config.txt
  2. Thanks, I attach the logs. my_flirc2_config.fcfg my_flirc_config.txt
  3. Hi, I checked the forums, but didn't really find a topic with my problem, so I try to ask: I have a first generation flirc and I use that without any problems for years. But I decided to get a new one, mostly becouse I have a frequent error in my mediapc/kodi that maybe becouse the old flirc reciever i got already used years back, but mostly becouse the new one is more up-to-date and let's face it, smaller, nicer and fits more to the mediapc than the old. I got the new one, but after setting up (install software, program the keys to my remote) it didn't work at all. The windows
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