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  1. Another harmony user here with ticking time bomb hardware! Was great to see the Skip 1S, looks like it could be a great replacement for most of what I need, and I've already got a flirc USB in my setup for a kodi box so hopefully I'll be able to use that. Great work, this looks really promising. Any plans on releasing / shipping in the UK? One thing that my harmony does is give the option to bind two functions to each button, using press or long press as the discriminator. This allows a harmony companion remote to support 6 activities using just 3 physical activity buttons, for example, and allows a ton of power user workarounds in other scenarios as well (e.g. long press on channel up / down could cycle through picture settings on the TV, rather than having to dig through the on screen menus). Not sure how viable the long press approach is for the 1S?
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