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  1. Do we have an approximate shipping date yet?
  2. I have a FLIRC USB but I wasn't sure if the remote itself supported keyboard mapping since it had it's own programming tool.
  3. Will there be input commands for keyboard emulation or Kodi?
  4. Pre-ordered mine, looking forward to it. I've used the FLIRC for years now but I've been on a constant search for the perfect remote to use, there always seems to be something missing. Hopefully this one does the trick. Curious, is the remote smooth or textured, or grippy? Or something else? I have sensory OCD issues and I find myself rubbing the plastics. On most of my other remotes I've tried, I either pick up a silicone textured case, or use calm strips on the back of them so I have something I can touch without wearing it out.
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