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  1. Was this ever fixed? I'm trying to map KEY_RECORD (167) to the Record button my remote. Using "flirc_util record_api 0 167" results in "Successfully recorded button" but when I check with evtest I don't get anything when I press it.
  2. Hi, I just bought a Flirc USB device (Dori version) to use with a Dish Network 20.1 remote to control Kodi on headless Debian Linux. First, I added your repo and installed Flirc from that to a test laptop that has a desktop environment installed. The first thing that happened when I ran Flirc was I got prompted to update the firmware to 4.9.3, which I accepted. There's no profile for my remote so I tried toggling around the different built-in profiles to get a good keymap for Kodi setup. That didn't pan out very well so I decided to make my own custom profile using flirc_util to map the exact keycodes to corresponding remote buttons. I downloaded Linux Generic latest (flirc.latest.x86_64.tar.gz), which contained Flirc/flirc_util 3.25.3. Unfortunately it depends on libreadline6, which is unavailable as Debian stable is currently at libreadline8. So, instead I downloaded and compiled the git sdk flirc_util. Unfortunately it just segfaults when you run it. I'd prefer to compile git and have it work but if nobody can look into the segfaulting, could someone please update the "latest" Linux package against current Debian stable, or re-package it as a snap/flatpack/appimage so it will just work (hopefully) without dependency problems? Thanks
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