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  1. With more fiddling, it seems to be just the Flirc.... If I leave it on Gnome desktop idle for 10 minutes, it still works, video playing for 10 minutes, it still works.... But as soon as the screen blanks from screensaver in Kodi, it stops responding. All over devices be it bluetooth or Logitech unifying receiver for a keyboard still work and go back to video when a key is pressed. But Flirc just doesn't respond and turn the blank screensaver off. Tested in the same port as other devices that work, too....
  2. Hi. I've recently bought a Flirc (v2) to use on Kodi running on Linux, I boot up and it boots straight to Kodi. I have a "screensaver" set on Kodi so that after a few minutes idle the screen goes blank. When this happens, Flirc stops responding entirely. Will not wake up screen or resume playback. When I wake up the machine with a mouse, Flirc works fine....but as somebody who pauses media a lot to do other things, it's makes Flirc pretty unusable if I keep having to find other methods to wake the screen up.... I've messed around with USB power settings and as far as I can tell, the Linux system isn't suspending the device. There doesn't appear to be any function in Kodi to do this either. On a side note, when I used a bluetooth remote (which had its own issues which is why I got a Flirc), I had no problems waking the screen up with the remote.... Thanks for any help you can provide! *edit* Latest firmware and software to set it up. I've noticed it's not possible to disable sleep detect, too....
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