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  1. Hi there, I have a gen 2 flirc and have just recently got it working 100% (I think??) with my 2019 shield TV. I had it working for a while using the 'enter/return' button on the full keyboard, but soon realized that the button did not work every where, for instance i could not type a letter on the soft keyboard using it. Then I tried using the 'Nvidia Shield Gen 2' and found it worked correctly. The flirc is a fantastic little device. I also have a programmable keyboard I have the same problem on but I am unable to find a ascii code to make it work as per the orginal button, can anyone please help me with a ascii code that will do the same as the orginal???? any help will be greatly appreciated. cheers note: I have tried decimal 224, 176, 13 with no success
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