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  1. First of all, let me say that I am a huge fan of your products. I already owned the first flirc case and currently have two Pi 3 cases, two Pi 4 cases, a Pi zero case and several of your IR receivers around the house. In terms of design and cooling, there is nothing better on the market. Unfortunately, a few days ago I noticed that the soft touch finish on the top and base of one of the Pi 3 cases has turned into a sticky mess. If you touch the case, you literally stick to it. EVERYTHING sticks to it. You can even scrape off strips of this sticky mass with your fingernails. But when you try to wipe it off completely, you just produce a larger sticky mess consisting of dust, lint and fingerprints. The slightly older Pi 3 case is pretty bad, but the newer one is starting to get it too. The cases have never been in contact with any chemicals, direct sunlight and so on. They were almost all the time sitting in a dark drawer or on/in the shelf under the TV. Apparently, many softcoated products have this problem. I've already read on Reddit and on a KODI forum that I'm not the only one whose Flirc case became sticky over time. The two affected cases were really treated very well. Therefore, I am now afraid that my Pi 4 cases might also become sticky at some point. What can I do about it? (to prevent a case from becoming sticky AND to get rid of the disgusting stickiness) I am not contacting you because I want a replacement. I'm writing because I think it's a shame that Flirc (like many other manufacturers) made this in my eyes stupid design decision to add the time bomb soft paint to an otherwise perfect product. It does give the new item a slightly more premium appearance but at the cost of eventually rendering it useless :( By the way, the Flirc Pi zero case does not have this soft finish and is the nicest looking case for Pi zero anyway. ;) Robert edit: Products in my sphere of friends that became unusable due to disintegrated soft coatings are e.g. a drilling machine, computer mice, umbrella (handle), two electric razors, the window regulator switches in a car, remote control of my TV soundbar, a pair of portable speakers, a hand mixer, and so on ... This coating stuff should be banned.
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