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  1. Going to answer my own question... YES ETA Prime on YouTube did a video with it and will have an additional review video in the near future. The thermal differences he found using the new Zero2 have been: No Case @ 1.0 Ghz = 67.4c No Case @ 1.3 Ghz Overclocked = 77.8c Flirc Case @ 1.0 Ghz = 51.4c Flirc Case @ 1.3 Ghz Overclocked = 68.3c As you can see, the Flirc Case for the Zero works so well that it cools the Overclocked Zero2 down to non-overclocked thermals at standard clocks without a case. This is outstanding and I am looking forward to having my Zero2 use the Flirc case!
  2. Is the metal Raspberry Pi Zero case compatible with the new Zero 2 W that was announced today?
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