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  1. So I just bought a FLIRC with the idea of using my Logitech Harmony 665 to remote control VLC to watch videos stored on my laptop Win 10 PC connected to my TV. I'm not sure if I got a bad FLIRC unit or I just don't understand how to use it (probably the latter). Let me go through the problems I'm having so far. 1. First, a very basic one. When you search "VLC" in this forum zero results come up even though I have to imagine people have asked about VLC here before. How can I find those posts if searching "VLC" doesn't work? 2. Speaking of VLC, isn't it like the most popular open source media player in the world, yet there is no pre-built template for it within the FLIRC controller drop down options? I mean you have Boxee for Christs sake, whatever the heck that is. 3. And one more VLC thing: since it is so popular it would be great if someone could do a step-by-step guide that shows how to use it with FLIRC. A video would be even better. I have not been able to find such a video or guide. 4. The first thing I did was to set up a Windows shortcut to open VLC (Ctrl+Alt+V) with the intention of mapping a button on the Harmony to it. I programmed my Harmony for FLIRC, opened the FLIRC software and got it connected to the Harmony, switched to the keyboard layout, hit the Ctrl, Alt and V keys, pressed the red button on the Harmony and... nothing. 5. Next I thought I'd just follow the basic directions so I changed the FLIRC software controller to Minimalist, clicked "Go" and as the up arrow was flashing I hit the up button on the Harmony and nothing happened. I never got a "Recorded" message. I tried other buttons and still nothing that indicated anything was recorded. That's about as far as I got and why I'm here. If anyone can offer a suggestion on how I can get my FLIRC working, or at least verify that it isn't broke, I'd really appreciate it. I know my Harmony works because I can use it to control my TV.
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