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  1. Finally found a work-around. Apparently the first section of the command line is disregarded and not interpreted as a command if and only if it equals flirc_util.exe. I was using flirc_util <command>, not flirc_util.exe <command>. Everything works exactly as expected when including the .exe extension. Maybe this could eventually be adjusted to handle both cases (with and without the .exe extension)? Just a suggestion.
  2. Just bought a Gen 2, and after installing the software I tried to use the command line utility and found that there seems to be a bug in how the command line is parsed. Every time I try to use the utility, no matter what I put after the executable name I receive the same error message: [E] lib/libcmds/cmds.c run_cmd(275): could not find command 'flirc_util' Looks like it is considering the name of the executable as the parameter. I double-checked by renaming the executable to 'help.exe', and sure enough I got the output I would have expected from 'flirc_util help'. I renamed it to 'version.exe' and I appear to have version 3.25.3-16-g28e8a01+. I'm running Windows 10. Is this something that can be looked at for the next software release? Alternatively, am I being very thick-headed and doing something amazingly wrong? Thanks!
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