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  1. Oh and I've just removed it from my Pi and the thing was so hot I almost burnt myself on it. After reading through all the similar woes people have been having with this device going back a few years it seems this product is still in beta. Had enough, RMA'ing to Pi Hut Im afraid.
  2. Plugged my shiny new Flirc v2 in today, did the firmware upgrade and everything seemed to be going fine until I tried to program it. Phantom keypresses like you wouldnt beilieve! Tried different USB ports, reinstalling, redoing the firmware update, which, when I checked hadnt actually upgraded itself. Even tried a couple of different remotes. Nada. I figured something was probably interfering but there are no other IR sources in the room and the only light is a nornal 100w bulb I was a litle stumped The good news. Keypress fix was to put the dongle in another computer and configure it on that. I surmise that the problem here was the USB ports themselves were causing the interferance somehow, maybe some ports arent as well shielded as others? Still haven't managed to fix the firmware/GUi update issue but I suspect the new update has the same name/version number as the the previous one; it installs fine but thinks its still on 25.3 so the app tries to update it again ad infinitum. I've not had a chance to actually try the dongle/remote with my Pi 4 yet but Im hoping it'll be fine. If you have any indeas about the firmware though I would be all ears as Im not ready to give up on it just yet.
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