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  1. So if the board was working correctly how would it get the 3.3v? i assume the unpopulated r15 is not how it is supposed to get it? and maybe the schematic is for a different version board? is power to that pin supposed to be switchable via the software controlled dut? if i solder jump r15 does that run the risk of damaging anything? Altho personally i dont have a super amount of use for the software controlled power output,but i like them a lot and think they are super cool. Thanks in advance
  2. holly you realy are just a super nice guy! Uhm im kinda flumexed for a second my dealings with tech companies hasnt always been the greatest. Very refreshing i appreciate it. Grabbing my board now. Ok hrm not sure i see a vversion number. On bottom right hand side i see A04 or P.04 damn these old eyes. "jeff probe" in upper right and FLIRC on the otherside. Im probly just missing it. Again thank you for just being awesome. I needed it.
  3. So compiling the firmware went ok as ling as i iised arm-none-eabi versions below 10, and removed werror from makefile. But and unfortunatly did not check before flashing, the uart vcc pin has no voltage even after enabling tpower. The schematic shows that the vcc is connected thru a 0ohm (r15) resistor to 3.3v , but r15 is unpopulated,and one side has 3.3v the other side goes to the uart vcc pin and the two sided are not connected. i at first figured the resistor fell off but the pics of jeff probe on-line also have it unpopulated...How exactly am i supposed to enable the 3.3v on the uart vcc pin? Is it working for other people? If a digital switch is involved then schematics should be updated, if not how would it get power from an unpopulated r15...what the hell is going on? Does a manual exist to explain this? Also how is the 1.8v to 5v stuff set? Only automatically based on adc readings?
  4. Ps the swd clk has two super tiny solder pads next to mcu, its tiny but they are labeled, if you loose your bootloader u can always reprogram that way
  5. I'm having the same issue, the board I wanna debug is lpc4370 and it would error out, so i figured a firmware update would help. But it wont build. Newer toolchains find more warnings and errors, but even turning off Werror it still finds actually errors not warnings. I worked thru sum of them before giving up. A schematic is a must if we ever wanna repurpose it as well, or use sercom mixing to bust out say i2c. Reading the forum etc it doesnt seem likely well ever even get a response on this. Even knowing what toolchain version they managed to compile this with would be a huge help.
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