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  1. When i use the XBox 360 controller in the software, then this does not work. But with the Kodi controller i could control most of the buttons with this twice recording of buttons. What does not work is the "Shutdown / Power On" button. I hope that this will be fixed in the future. For the moment i could live with them, but the goal should be, that i have the same functionality in Kodi with the Flirc USB, as i have it without the Flirc USB. The reason why i need to use the Flirc USB is, that the Intel Nuc's IR is weak.
  2. I tried to set the buttons of an XBox 360 remote controller with the software to the USB Flirc. I get a positive response, but when i try the before registered button, it shows me always the key "9". I have tried this on a windows and mac computer and with 2 different XBox 360 Remote controller with the same result. All buttons, that i register is set to key "9". I use the XBox 360 controller in the software and i have the latest one. What could i do, that i could register the buttons? Best regards, Paul
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