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  1. i decided to make the switch from the shieldtv pro remote to the one for all remote because everyone knows the shieldtv pro remote is trash. but i am running into some road blocks now when trying to program it with the flirc. i'm programming it on a windows pc and selecting the shield gen 2 configuration but every time i go to program the home button (on shieldtv pro remote is the circle button) it gives me an error telling me that the button already exists. even when i clear the configurations and start over. i read that i can use the fire tv configuration to program the home button and that works but when i go back to shield gen 2 to program the rest it tells me that the menu button (burger button), which i'm trying to match with the one for all asterisk key, already exists. i can only configure one or the other but they do completely different things. i also cannot get it to record the netflix button for some reason. it just wont react when i press it on the remote. anyone have similar issues and workarounds?
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