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  1. So the file Jason linked to above didn't work for me. It said I was missing a .dll. What I did was: Go to https://flirc.io/nightly/Flirc%20GUI/win/ and download the Flirc Setup Old.exe file at the very bottom of the list. (currently last modified 1/13/2021) Run the installer. It will take awhile to install the driver, but when finished the app should detect your gen 1 Flirc with 1.0 firmware. In the Flirc app go to Help >> Check for Updates... and install the latest version. Finally, after the latest version of the Flirc app is installed in the Flirc app go to File >> Advanced >> Force FW Upgrade. You should be done. My Gen 1 Flirc now has Firmware v3.11.0. I know Jason is the admin so he probably knows best, but the steps above are what worked for me.
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