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  1. I ended up getting this working, on my own just realised you posted this thx for the info. Whats interesting is the --pattern= syntax is not liked by the latest git debug compilation not sure if something changed. in anycase I figured it out and posted a how to on how to turn on my heater, I have a few other applications. thx
  2. Unfortunately the documentation and support is rather lacking on this feature possibly due to lack of dev cycles anyway here is a "how to" of the " SendIR waveform function" from latest git as of feb 8 2021 on Ubuntu 20 x64: ( this guide assumes basic Linux know how, and may be invalidated over time due to updates to git) Side note: There exists other devices I bought like USB-UIRT which do a better job but have their own issues, flirc however I find a little easier to capture IR waveforms so has some uses the issue is the transceiver its not going to work unless your literally s
  3. I got the debug output from your app, how would I send this out using ir_transmit.c 0,9043,4430,652,1563,651,439,622,465,625,465,622,465,621,465,626,465,621,465,621,469,622,1589,625,1589,626,1589,644,1571,648,1563,626,1590,626,1589,647,1563,652,439,621,465,622,469,621,465,621,465,626,465,622,465,621,469,622,1589,626,1589,622,1589,652,1563,626,1590,621,1590,651,1564,626 :e:40 0,9041,2181,621
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