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  1. Honestly, not sure if it would or would not be at full throttle... But when i'm at work, the car will be using sentry, recording video around it and it shows that the interior of the car will push the upper 100s, right around where the San Disk High Endurance is rated to. With the dashcams recording and overwriting constantly when driving, i'm not sure if the SD card port uses much of the Raspberry Pi... Then there's the transferal of roughly 1GB per hour of video footage, so about 2.5GB over the wifi, but the behicle will be parked in the garage when it's doing that... So not as hot.
  2. How well do these cases dissipate heat in a hot environment? Looking for something that can handle up to 185*F. Thinking of using a Raspberry Pi Zero W for my Tesla Model 3 for dashcam and possible SLAC audio files...
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